Thursday, July 31, 2014

Building a House of Joy

You know those houses made out of cards?  The ones that you made as a kid out of a deck of cards.  It was so hard to set the cards up just right and then wham, your dog or brother would come by and knock it all down.  Darn!

Well that's how I felt like when my world crumbled after losing my beloved husband.  The one thing though that sustained me and helped me withstand the emotional strain was that I did foundation energy practices for many years. As a new student of Master Sha, my spiritual father and teacher I listened and followed his guidance.  Master Sha told his students to do one hour of practice every day and I faithfully did for almost eight years.  

You have five energy centers in your body:  Lower Dan Tian, Snow Mountain Area, Message Center, Zu Qiao, and Third Eye.  You can read more about the body's energy centers in Master Sha's book, Soul Mind Body Medicine.  Developing these energy centers is the key to preventing illness, maintaining good health and prolonging life.  

To keep and maintain the joy within your body, you need to do a daily energy practice.  I want to teach you a daily practice, starting with the Lower Dan Tian.  Please click on my Blog Radio link to hear the how to do the practice.

Do the Lower Dan Tian practice for a week and let me know how it affects you.  I am certain you will feel the difference and if you don't that just means you need to practice more.

A solid foundation is the key to sustaining your body's house of joy.


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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Welcome to My World

Aloha and welcome to my blog.  

Life for me up until now has been like surfing.  I felt like I'm in the middle of a water tube with the curl of a huge wave hanging over my head and me crouched down inside holding my breath so as not to disturb anything, less the wave come crashing down on me and I completely wipe out.

Six months ago my husband of 41 years peacefully passed away.  We laughed, sparred, supported and helped each other, raised our two sons and dogs, kept our home, worked and created a business, did a lot of community activities, traveled to many places, practiced Buddhism, and played with friends and family.  Needless to say, his passing left a big hole in my heart and threw me into depression, sadness and grief.

Thankfully, I have Master Sha and all of his wisdom, practices, teachings and Divine, Tao and Source blessings.  Over the eight years as his student, I fortified myself with everything Master Sha had to offer for just these kinds of set backs and challenges.  My preparation was a soul strengthening workout.  I felt ready for the real thing.   No matter how I thought I was prepared, losing my beloved spouse was one of the biggest hurts I experienced.  However, the grieving process was made easier and transformed faster because of Divine blessings and Soul Healing.

When I could barely function emotionally, mentally and physically I dragged myself to Master Sha's Soul Healing Center Honolulu. Luckily, I had to be there to serve, teach workshops, and lead practices.  Those tasks kept me spiritually connected and released the sadness and lessened the depression.  I felt lighter and lifted at the Center because of the huge Source Light Ball and blessing that Master Sha gave the Center.

Another tremendous help were all the downloads and Divine healing services given by Master Sha and his Divine Channels.  It seemed as if whatever download or blessing was being offered by Master Sha was just the one I needed at that time.  Master Pam Uyeunten and all the students at our Center sent me heart touching blessings.  Visiting Worldwide Representatives, Master David Lusch and Master Ximena provided powerful transforming Divine blesings that took me to the next level of healing.  The recent Crown Chakra blessing for the Tian Di Ren He Yi Da Ai Temple by Master Ximena filled the hole in my heart with rich Divine Love.

Divine promised me I would overcome my grief in six months.  July 10 was six months.  I not only recovered gracefully but I got my joy back!  So now I feel like I'm riding those huge waves instead of being stuck inside the tube and held hostage by fear and worry.

I invite you come surf with me.  There are many things I discovered and want to share, and I want to listen and learn from you too. Join me on a tandem ride.  Together, we can go from depression to J-0-Y.